Dataspots with Augmented Reality functions

Mobile access to company data improves information flow and shortens processing times. Data is available in real time and can be accessed any time and anywhere via dataspots.

ARiiVA dataspots provide a quick overview of relevant asset information such as maintenance cylces, asset utilization or real time sensor data.


Remote calls enable experts to view issues from afar

Remotely support colleagues or customers on-site. Connect non-co-located experts to engineers and technicians in the field with ARiiVA Call .

ARiiVA Call thus provides high application potential for industrial maintenance, service and production. The digital LIVE-assistant puts human interaction into focus.


Issue and deviation recording directly in the field

Mobile yet central documentation of faults and deviations in purchased material, inventory, offices, workshops and rendered services.

ARiiVA Ticketing optimizes fault repair times as well as complaint management by enabling immediate action on-site (e.g. NCRs, claims)

Location Monitoring

Maximum overview of all inventory

An excellent overview of all inventory, be it machines, buildings or other assets. The direct link-up with the ARiiVA ticketing system makes a high degree of automation possible. In ARiiVA Location Monitoring managers and service personnel can trace service ticket and asset statuses.

For better visualization area and floor layouts can be uploaded as background images.


Detect areas for optimization, analyze data flows and instruct improvements

Data entries in ARiiVA are permanently analyzed and can be accessed in ARiiVA Analytics . What is the current ticket response time? How about the new machine? Are there significant downtimes in any stages of production?

ARiiVA Analytics shows how assets, machines and other inventory perform.


Mobile data availability in ARiiVA Go

The ARiiVA Go Augmented Reality features (ARiiVA dataspots) enable superimposition of predefined data onto live video feeds. Users can start audio and video calls on the go and, if necessary, create tickets right away, including features such as picture/photo documentation as well as manual drawings. Machine statuses as well as analytics data are visible through ARiiVA Location Monitorings.


Central data management in ARiiVA Home

Central data management happens through the web interface in ARiiVA Home. Import inventory and other asset lists, define machine data and maintenance cycles, manage user access. Everything will be available in the mobile version instantaneously.

All features that are available in ARiiVA Go, the mobile application, are centrally managed in ARiiVA Home .

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